Black Stains On Your Roof

Have you ever wondered what those black stains are on your roof? And can they be safely removed without harming the life of the shingle?

The Stains are actually an algae, or fungus called Gloeocapsa Magma.  Even worse, the climate in the Hudson Valley region makes our roofs susceptible to moss and lichen. This nasty stuff is common in states having hot humid climates. This fungus is feeding (yes, eating) the limestone filler that’s in your roof’s shingles.  Not only is it shortening the life span of your roof, but it can also affect your roof’s heat transfer, causing larger electricity bills in the summer by making you’re A/C unit run longer.  In recent years homeowners’ insurance policies have been affected by lingering roof stains.  If insurance companies believe that this algae is harmful enough to your roof to raise your premium, or even cancel your policy, that means it’s serious.  Use the viewer to the right to see our clients roof before and after Perfect Shine.

1Roof-Mold-Before 2Roof-Mold-After


Can Perfect Shine Exteriors Remove These Stains On Your Roof?

YOU BETCHA! These stains can be removed with no harm whatsoever to the shingles on your roof. We use a “No Pressure” method, to kill and remove the fungus, algae, moss, and lichen.  Our roof cleaning process is approved by ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association).  We also back our roof cleaning up with a 110% Satisfaction Guarantee!

 Using a pressure washer of any type on a roof, can shorten the life span of the roof by 5 to 10 years!!!  Don’t delay, call Perfect Shine Exteriors to take care of those nasty roof stains today.

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